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August 20, 2015
October 20, 2015



ENT Solutions - Dear Patients,

After 14 years of solo Ear, Nose and Throat surgical practice, I am retiring as of September 3, 2015. For over a year, I have tried unsuccessfully to find someone willing to come to the mountains.

While actively looking for an ENT group to take my place, Union General Hospital is custodian for your patient records should you need access to them. The hospital medical records contact is Maggie Campbell, 706-439-6477 ext. 6826.

Hearing Aid patients

You will continue to be served as usual with the same great staff including times for walk-in issues and picking up batteries. All warranties will be honored. 706-835-9213.

Allergy patients being treated with sublingual immunotherapy (SLIT):

Finish out your current vial. You will not be billed for any more vials. Treatment is based on protocols developed by Allergy Choices of Wisconsin. Enclosed is a paper and your allergy treatment sheets to give to your primary care provider. If your doctor calls the number on the bottom of the form, the Allergy Choices pharmacist will walk them step by step to get your drops mixed and mailed to you directly. Their website is also useful for explaining the options. You can also call Michelle Montet (866)793-1680, ext 210 or to answer any questions.

ENT patients:

Active patients have received a letter. If you need ENT follow up, you or your primary care can call:

  • Nerve pain, headaches: Emory Neurology 404-778-3444
  • Dizziness: Emory Dizziness and Balance Center 404-778-3444
  • Adult Ear; Facial trauma, facial plastics, head& neck cancer, lymph nodes, lumps and masses: Emory ENT 404-778-5050. Erlanger Chattanooga 423-778-7000. Asheville Head, Neck and Ear 800-228-3127.
  • Voice, hoarseness, vocal cord paralysis: Emory Voice Center 404-778-3381.
  • Pediatric ENT- ear, sinus, lumps, bumps, lymph nodes: Emory Pediatric ENT 404-778-3381. Erlanger Chattanooga 423-778-7000. Asheville Head ,Neck and Ear 800-228-3127.

Thank you so much for letting us find solutions for your Ear, Nose and Throat needs.

Wendy L Smith MD and the Staff of ENT Solutions

Employees in need of jobs

I have great concern for my professional team of employees who dedicated their lives to the care of your referred patients. They are wonderful hard workers but have now been laid off. Attached is an executive summary of their skill sets and their contact information in case you know of any opportunities for them.

Barb Goergen, Administrative Coordinator.  Twenty five years experience. Manages the block appointment schedule and incoming calls from patients, referring providers and medical centers. Schedules surgeries, radiology, lab tests and consulting referrals to larger medical centers. Insurance verification and authorizations. Front desk check in and check out, accounts receivable. Is the master of compassionate, efficient communication, and a multi-tasker willing to do whatever it takes to make things work smoothly. Great disposition.  706-897-8079

Download Barb Georgen Resume

Cary Couto, Billing Coordinator. Twenty five years experience. Bilingual in Spanish. At the very top of national averages for keeping receivables and collection accounts under control. Electronic billing, posting and reconciling insurance and patient payments, processing patient statements, submitting claims within 24 hrs of generation and patient check out. Scheduling appointments, diagnostic  testing and consult referrals. Excellent computer skills.  Dedicated, completely loyal team player with a sunny disposition. 305-926-6671

Download Cary Couto Resume

Jeri Ann King, LPN, Clinical Nurse and Allergy Clinic Manager. Certified Otolaryngology Practice Manager. Bilingual in Spanish. Eighteen years of extensive experience in ENT, family practice, pediatrics and public health. Proficient in venipuncture, allergy serum mixing and administration of sublingual and injection immunotherapy. Avid patient advocate and loyal to her physician’s needs. Team player, extremely organized, observant and creative problem solver. In her spare time, she also founded and manages a non-profit family medicine clinic for the under-served.

Download Jeri Ann King Resume

Lauren Johnson, CCMA, Allergy Specialist, Medical Assistant.  Bachelor of Science in Biology/minor Chemistry. Skilled in allergy testing with stamp test, venipuncture, pulmonary function testing  and allergy serum mixing. ENT and allergy patient work-up using electronic medical records, exam room set up, vital signs, providing extensive patient education and administering first dose of sublingual drop therapy. She is the primary face of the allergy practice. Always enthusiastic and a quick learner. Volunteers at a non-profit medical clinic for the under-served. 706-300-5328

Amanda Hiatt, Front Office Customer Care Specialist.  The first person anyone meets in our practice. Professional, easy disposition who makes patients feel comfortable and secure, handling challenging situations and personalities with ease. Ten years experience in customer service.  A true team player and problem solver with excellent computer skills, electronic medical records, medical billing, coding, claims management, collections and payment posting who adapts easily to change.

Download Amanda Hiatt Resume

Debi TurnerAllergy Department Assistant. Mixes allergy serums and sets up exam rooms one day a week. Past experience as Insurance coordinator, Financial coordinator, Surgical scheduling coordinator, Accounts Receivable. Proficient with electronic medical records. Twenty years experience in the dental field: Periodontics, orthodontics and general dentistry. Team player, friendly, dependable, pays close attention to details, outgoing, proficient and a quick learner.  Looks forward to working in a medical or any other type of practice.  941-374-4649

Download Debi Turner Resume